A 3 act - piece for symphonie-orchestra with 54 individual voices by Ingeborg Poffet (2001)

“Himalaya-Tasviren” (28’)2001

I – Dharamsala 13’27, II – Line Ups 7’, III – Manali Soundscape 8’

für 54- (oder 108-köpfiges) individuelles und umplatziertes Symphonieorchester (54 Einzelstimmen!)

16 vio, 8 vio, 4 celli, 8 KB, 2 fl, 2 oboe, 2 bassoon, 2 tp, 2 cl, 2 bcl, 2 horns, 2 tb,

2 perc, marimba, vib

Ein Bericht hierüber erschien im Portrait der Zeitschrift Cling-Klong

Description to "Himalaya-Tasvir"

This piece is played by an "individually orchestra of 54 voices" (which can be doubled to 108), placed on a matrix. The music is a directly synesthetic experience for the conducter as well as for the audience, for it is designed to cross the orchestra in a 3-d-manner, a music for open eyes. It starts with a "candle-lightening" in the middle of the matrix, which "burns" til the end.

A short "basic" for the candle plays a light quintet. Then the upper right part joins the music, like a hand-movement by the conducter. Still listening to the "candlelight" the left upper part answers in the opposite direction, joining the "corona of the candle" after a while.

Then a strong rhythmcally part leads through the lower part of the matrix, perfectly left/right-handed synchronised. At the end the drawing-lines of the picture (tasvir means picture in hindi) are roughly played, so the orchestra will follow the "hand-drawing" of the conducter. At the very end the matrix "rolls over" to a gently harmony.

This peace was composed in march 2001 by Ingeborg Poffet ('65), Switzerland. The duration is about 13'27''. The printed score including all 54 voices-scores and midi-file will be available in summer 2001 (end of august) on the "FINALE"-program (floppy or scores and cassette can be send then). Payment by VISA-Card.


The 54 individully voices of "Himalaya-Tasviren" are:

2 flute>

2 oboe

2 bassoon

2 trumpet>

2 clarinet

2 bassclarinet

2 horns

2 trombone

2 percussion/incl.marimba - vibraphone>

16 violin


4 cello

8 contrabass